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Dan's Small Engine is your source for professional 21-inch lawn mower repair services. These popular walk-behind lawn mowers take a lot of abuse throughout the season, and expert repair and maintenance services can keep them running strong for years to come. Contact us today for additional information or feel free to stop by with your equipment.

  • Belt inspection

  • Idler inspection

  • Battery service

  • Tire pressure maintenance

  • Steering lubrication

  • Rotary lawn mower blade sharpening

Trust in our over 35 years of lawn mower service and repair experience!

Since 1985, Dan's Small Engine has been dedicated to providing you with residential lawn mower services you can count on.


Call us today at 970-224-4374.

  • Blade sharpening and balancing

  • Deck underside cleaning

  • Engine oil changes

  • Cleaning the engine cooling fins

  • Fuel tank purges

Looking for a specific part? Call and ask! We pride ourselves on our large inventory.


Complete lawn mower repair and maintenance services

Residential riding mower repairs

We stand behind our work

Let us handle all of your lawn mower's seasonal maintenance needs

  • Fuel line flush and replacement

  • Air cleaner and spark plug service and replacement

  • Inspection of the propelling part of self-propelled mowers

Count on our knowledgeable lawn mower repair team